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     Friendship Force of the Florida Suncoast

​St. Petersburg International Folk Fair - Travel the World in One Day!

Many of our members participate in this annual international fair held in St. Petersb​urg.  It features ethnic foods, cultural exhibits, continuous entertainment, and displays of student activities.


SUNCOAST SHIRTS:  For information on how to order a customized FFFS shirt, Click Here.

EXPENSE STATEMENTS: To claim expenses related to our club activities, Click Here to get the form.

WHAT TEAM ARE YOU ON?  List of current team assignments for upcoming events. - to track flights

CDC Health Guidelines for Travel -  gives advice and advisories on countries worldwide.

Currency Converter - any currencies.

Friendship Force International site includes information on journeys, travel insurance, and other resources

International Telephoning - this gives country dialing codes worldwide. From North America dial 011 first.

MapQuest includes International Maps

View maps of dozens of countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. World Atlas

View maps, demographics and statistics of countries around the world.

US State Department - to apply for passport, visas - this site has very useful information, and application methods.  It also gives travel guidance for foreign countries.

Time and Date in cities throughout the world.

Translate - - just type a sentence into the box, specify the language and it will be translated. World Meteorological Association